Thursday, January 26, 2012

STOLLOWEEN Pumpkin Concepts

Over the years I have been asked repeatedly to supply the patterns or templates used to make my Halloween projects.

It is my belief that the most satisfying part of building props is the process of developing your own creative design but I also understand that this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

These templates can be used as inspiration or as patterns when building papier mache pumpkins or carving real jack o’ lanterns.

Click on the pumpkin concept photo to open a window displaying the design template.

Print the template onto plain white paper and cut out each of the elements which can be used to trace the design onto your pumpkin.

These designs are intended for personal use only.


  1. Not a computer person so maybe you can tell me how to enlarge the size of tortured pumpkin face for different size pumpkins. Do I need a special software program in order to do this or what?

  2. For those not familiar with image editing software (photoshop, etc.) I would recommend using a copy machine to enlarge or reduce the template to the desired size. You could also attempt to enlarge it freehand or triangulation.