Thursday, August 4, 2011

Build Me A Pumpkin Contest-Repost

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Build Me A Pumpkin Contest, your chance to win a custom STOLLOWEEN pumpkin.

Seeing it’s the second year I thought it would fun to have two winners, that’s right, two custom pumpkins will be given away this year. 

This contest is open to anyone that is a fan of the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.

You must “like” the STOLLOWEEN page in order to enter the contest.

Here’s the scoop.

First print off the pumpkin template in the photo below by clicking on the picture to make it full sized, save to your computer then  print.

Build Me A Pumpkin Template

Next you need to design whatever pumpkin you would like me to create.

Choose whatever medium you like; crayon, ink, pencil, pastel, paint, charcoal or digital and show me your vision.

The entries can be full color or black and white but they must be your original design and your artwork.

Entries can be simple sketches or grand masterpieces.

The pumpkin shells have already been built so you must work with the basic shape represented on the pumpkin template.

Next scan or photograph your drawing and post on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page along with the name of your creation and you have successfully entered.

Frederick The Pumpkin (Sample Entry)

One you have posted your picture it will be copied, assigned a number and posted on in the order they are received.

At the end of the contest one entry will be chosen by a panel of judges based on creative merit. 

A second entry will be randomly chosen from the remaining entries using a random number generator found at

Two winners: one for creativity and one randomly selected so every one that enters has a chance to win.

Please don’t let artistic inhibition deter you from entering this contest; just do your best to convey the type of pumpkin you would like me to build for you.

The Rules:

The contest is called  Think Inside The Box because whatever you design must fit inside a 16”x16”x15” shipping box.

There is a gray border around the pumpkin template that signifies the amount of space you have to work with. You must keep your designs within the box dimensions.

The designs cannot incorporate lights, electronics, motors or any form of animatronics.

All entries must be static and non-electrical.

One entry per person.

You must name your design and include the name of your pumpkin along with the picture.

Be creative with the names, judges like creative names.

Members of my family are not eligible for this contest...if you are a family member chances are you will get a papier mache pumpkin for Christmas.

You understand that I will do my best to interpret your design into a three dimensional prop and understand that my personal style will be reflected in the finished pumpkin.

You understand that I reserve the right to change or modify these rules at any time for any reason.

You understand that your entry/artwork will be also be posted on

The contest closes at midnight on Thursday, August 11th and winners will be announced the following week.

The two winning entries will be shipped no later than the first week of October 2011.

There is no cost or obligation to those participating in this contest.

Good Luck!

Scroll down to view the first 26 entries.

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