Monday, July 11, 2011

History of STOLLOWEEN Pumpkins

My first papier mache pumpkin was created January 2008 as an entry for The Mad Lab contest.

The contest required you to use a trash bag to create a Halloween prop and I came up with the idea of using the garbage bag as the armature for my papier mache pumpkin which I named Mr. Hefty.

Mr. Hefty did not win the contest but I was rather proud of my creation and made a few more for our 2008 Yard display.

Some of the new pumpkins featured hands, a snake wrapped around the pumpkin and spider webs in the eye sockets. Fun stuff but it wouldn’t stop here.

In 2009 I made quite a few more, some very large, some pear shaped, some tall and thin, new faces and some experimentation with the stems.

In 2010 the pumpkin building continued full force, Tortured Pumpkins themed around the idea of…well…torture.

Also some pumpkin mash ups, tool shed terrors, an undead pumpkin groundbreaker and a simplified method of making pumpkins using cardboard strips instead of a trash bag.

The idea that my pumpkin building techniques would capture the imagine of the home haunting community still amazes me.

Not a week goes by when I don’t receive an email or stumble across a post featuring a papier mache pumpkin that someone has created using my techniques.

And you know what?

Each pumpkin makes me smile, it seems soon the world will be filled with papier mache pumpkins each unique and each made with the desire to create something wonderful, something creepy and something that you can call your own.

Build on and most importantly have fun!

I know I am!

Thanks to all that have shared their work.


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  1. Scott,

    I stumbled on your page in 2009 and was awed by the pumpkins and skulls and everything else you have created. I have learned everything I know about papier mache from your website. I have still a long, long way to go though. This year I am trying to create some more pumpkins and a ground-breaker. I just started the process and am trying to document it. Here is my first couple of entries ( I have mentioned your website in it, thought I will let you know. Thanks for sharing your techniques and ideas so generously and also for answering and commenting on everyone's work in your FB page. I am enjoying myself immensely, trying to come up with something interesting.